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The region in which the complex is placed is among important landscapes (forests, eastern plane trees, mountainous forests, black pine trees), where types of faunas of national and/or international interest: golden eagle, robin, horn-owl, red jackdow, woodpeckers, wildcat, salamander, river turtle, Mediterranean turtle and kerb turtle are all endemic.

Taygetos, the so-called “male” mountain, as it is often quoted in many literary works by well-known writers, covers the Western range of Laconia, with beautiful unspoilt countryside. Here lies the natural beauty in its true essence from ancient times until today. It is here that we can see that “man” has kept its sacred relationship with nature by touching upon it without spoiling its pristine beauty.

More fascinating for any visitor, whether a hiker, a climber or simply a passer-by are the vast ravines, the cobblestone pathways up the mountains and the sparkling clear water sources.
On your way to the Inn you will encounter all this, along with small picturesque villages where you can stop and admire the view:
Xirokambi a place worth stopping. Characterized by its distinctive circular square with many plane trees. Also, two things must be noted: The Sacred Olive Tree of Faridos (whose perimeter is 12 metres) and “The Hellenic Bridge” (100 B.C) a stone built bridge much referred to by well-known narrators and historians and unique in its use in Europe.

Dafni, noted for its post-Byzantine monastery -“Iera Moni Zerbitsa” built in the (17th C). The monastery is surrounded by a fortress stone wall.
Goranoi a mountain village with panoramic view to the Laconic Gulf.